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Technologically Advanced Foot And Ankle Care

Let our experts at  DocMartins Foot and Ankle Clinic relieve your joint pain. Minimally invasive , advanced technologies and comprehensive care

Our goal is to help all of our patients live happy, active, and pain-free lives. Our foot and ankle specialist in Michigan is not only dedicated to healing, but we are also dedicated to giving you the best service and the best possible experience starting from the moment you pick up the phone to call us or step into our office. We pride ourselves in providing all of our patient with VIP treatment.

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Foot And Ankle Conditions

Our board-certified podiatrists specialize in Pediatric Foot Care, Osteoarthritis, Foot Fractures, Hammertoes, Plantar Fasciitis, Foot and Ankle Medicine, Sports InjuriesWound Care, Custom Orthotics, Flatfoot, Nail Conditions, Diabetic Foot Care, Skin Conditions, and Bunions.

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Chronic Ankle Instability
Diabetic Foot Conditions
Plantar Facisitis
Hammer Toe
Morton’s Neuroma
Soft Tissue Mass
Ankle Sprain
Sesamoid Injuries
Achiles Tendonitis
Ankle Fractures

Our expert podiatrists specializes in foot and ankle treatments using Non-Invasive & Advanced treatments. We’re driven to get our patients back to their normal activities with the highest level of function, in the least amount of time, using the least invasive treatments possible.SEE ALL TREATMENTS

Our 3 Podiatry Clinics In Michigan

Our expert board certified podiatrists in 3 convenient locations specialize in foot and ankle treatments using Non-Invasive & Advanced treatments.

100 S. Cooper St. 49201

Our board certified podiatrists in Jackson, MI Offer the latest treatments with minimal pain. Minimally invasive , advanced technologies and comprehensive care

1325 N. Main St. 49221

Our expert podiatrists in Adrian, MI specializes in Foot and Ankle Medicine and Surgery, Sports Medicine, Trauma/Injury/Fractures, Pediatric Foot Care, Wound Care, Diabetic Foot Care, Arthritic Foot & Ankle and many others.

4335 Jackson Rd 48103

Our board certified doctors Ann Arbor, MI provide you treatments for any of your podiatry needs and are available to handle any emergency at any time you may need it.

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Debbie Palmer


Lori Pifer

    Calm And Patient

    I had slipped and fallen on my right foot and leg. I went to Urgent Care the next day and after they patched up the cuts and scrapes they…

    Achilles Repair (PARS)

    Very Friendly And Professional

    Everyone was very very friendly and personable, Dr. Martin very friendly and very knowledgeable, you just get the gut feeling he knows what he…

    Achilles Repair (PARS)

    Very Knowledgeable And Easy

    Dr. Martin has been fantastic. He is VERY knowledgeable. Takes time to explain everything and make sure you have no questions. His staff…

    Achilles Repair (PARS)

Meet Our Board Certified Podiatrist

Our doctor, specialize in Trauma/Injury/Fractures, Diabetic Foot Care, Foot and Ankle Medicine and Surgery, Pediatric Foot Care, Wound Care,, Arthritic Foot & Ankle, Custom Orthotics, Geriatric Foot Care, Ingrown Nails, Fall Prevention, Hammertoes, Sports Medicine, Bunions, Fungal Nails, Foot & Ankle Pain, and Flatfoot.

Revisional Surgery

Dr. Martins has been trained in both Canada and the United States, mastering the art of foot and ankle surgery.

Bunion Surgery

Insurance & Forms Of Payment

Podiatry services are covered by most insurance plans. We understand the process of submitting your claim and have the expertise to ensure rapid submission of your claim. For most patients, the experience of having their medical treatments paid for by the insurance company is an effortless and smooth process.

We also take Visa, Mastercard, Debit, Discover, Check and Cash. All Service and Products HSA or Flex spending accounts can be used. Receipt will be provided. We do not accept Medicaid as a secondary to PPO/ HMO or any combined medicare plans.

  • BCBS
  • Medicare
  • Paramount
  • Priority
  • HAP
  • Meridian

Hurt On The Job? Car Accident?

Our foot and ankle specialist in Michigan specializes in workman’s comp and auto insurance injury claims. Make sure you have your claim number and your adjuster’s name and phone number in order to be seen.

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  • Billing Concerns
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Foot And
Ankle Blogs

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May 24, 2022

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Our feet are extremely important in most of our lives, they are what get us around every single day. Many forget to take steps to take care of their feet…

April 20, 2022

8 Reasons Why Shoes Matter to Your Foot and Ankle Specialist

If you’ve ever hobbled off the dance floor at a wedding with your heels in hand, you know shoes can easily cause foot pain. Foot and ankle specialists know too….

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