February 20, 2022

Ankle Fracture Surgery

Icy driveway and heels don’t mingle well. Here is a case of a fall resulting in a dislocated ankle fracture. Ankle fractures if not treated properly, can cause chronic ankle pain and arthritis of the ankle joint. This dislocated ankle joint was set in place in the emergency and surgery was performed within 5 days. With access to Chelsea, Henry Ford Allegiance and Hickman hospital we will be able to schedule the surgery without any delay. The fracture is reduced surgically and the bones are set back in place to their natural positions . Patient was made non weight bearing for 6 weeks followed by physical therapy and returned to pre-injury activity within 3 months of the initial injury.

Pre op xrays

pre op xray

Post op xrays

ankle ORIF

If you have injured your ankle and looking for a podiatrist in Jackson, podiatrist in Ann Arbor or a podiatrist in Adrian call us and we will be able to see you within 48 hrs.