Case Studies

  • AVN of the Sesamoid

    AVN of the Sesamoid

    Sesamoid injuries can occur from sports activity, trauma or as simple as wearing high heels. This case studies shows what happens when this condition is allowed to progress without treatment which in time creates a fracture and eventually death of the sesamoid bone. Clinically presentation of this condition is at the head of the metatarsal….

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  • Heater vs neuropathic foot

    Heater vs neuropathic foot

    66-year-old male diabetic, neuropathic is seen in the office regarding the ulcerations and infections of his left foot.  Patient 2 weeks ago left his foot close to a space heater and has slowly developed these 2 ulcerations. Patient has diabetic neuropathy and did not have any pain or currently does not have any pain.  Treatment…

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  • Hammertoe Surgery

    Hammertoe Surgery

    Hammer toes are a very common occurrence. Here is a case of a young female with chronic pain in her 3rd digit due to a hammer toe deformity which was causing irritation with shoe gear. Pain can be due to chronic pressure with the toe rubbing against the inside of the shoes causing callus build…

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  • Foot Laceration and Repair

    Foot Laceration and Repair

    Trauma to the foot ankle can be devastating. This is a case of man against machine, where an industrial equipment caused a full thickness laceration. On examination vital structures including the main blood vessel was exposed but not damaged. Unfortunately the tendons that move the foot up and down, the tendon that moves the toe…

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  • Plantar Fibroma Surgery

    Plantar Fibroma Surgery

    Plantar fibromas are benign tumors of the foot which present as painful masses and lumps. These lumps originate from and within the plantar fascia due to increased fibroblast activity. Initially the treatment is conservative and includes steroid injections, verapamil topical gel application, custom offloading orthotics and shoe gear modification. Surgery is often the last resort….

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  • Jones Fracture Repair

    Jones Fracture Repair

    Fractures of the 5th metatarsal are fairly common, specially in patients who have a foot deformity and active individuals. Most 5th metatarsal fractures heal on their own with protected weight bearing in surgical boot but there are some types that need surgical intervention. These type are dislocated fracture and a “Jones” type. This fracture occurs…

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  • Ankle Fracture Surgery

    Ankle Fracture Surgery

    Icy driveway and heels don’t mingle well. Here is a case of a fall resulting in a dislocated ankle fracture. Ankle fractures if not treated properly, can cause chronic ankle pain and arthritis of the ankle joint. This dislocated ankle joint was set in place in the emergency and surgery was performed within 5 days….

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  • Weil Osteotomies Surgery

    Weil Osteotomies Surgery

    Metatarsal osteotomies of the lesser toes ( Weil osteotomy) are common for foot and ankle surgeons. There is very little room for error with these types of procedures. These procedures are often performed in isolation due to conditions like metatarsalgia or hammertoes and sometimes with bunionectomies. However, if not done up correctly can cause significant…

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  • Raynaud’s Disease Treatment

    Raynaud’s Disease Treatment

    This week like usual we had a wide variety of different conditions that we saw in our clinic. One condition that stood out the most was painful, dusky, bluish toes in young female patients. Every now and then you have to dig deep in your gray matter and figure out what you are faced with. …

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