Flatfoot-Reconstruction Flatfoot-Reconstruction

Flatfoot Reconstruction

Most flat feet are not painful and the ones are are most can be treated successfully with custom orthotics.


However, there are situations where patients have severely flat feet causing tendinitis, capsulitis, instability, and pain. These conditions can be broken down typically into two classifications.

With pediatric flatfoot, these surgeries can be performed with no involvement of the joints. In pediatric patients, an extra bone called os navicularis allows the posterior tibial tendon to weaken and the foot to collapse. Patient With this extra bone seen on a plain x-ray may require a port to be removed, and foot repositioned. Procedures called evans osteotomy, medial displacement calcaneal osteotomy, Cotton osteotomy, Kidner are just some of the extraosseous surgeries that we perform to reposition the foot and not violate the joints.

In our experience, kids heal very well and usually recover very effectively after this procedure. This is an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia with a popliteal/saphenous nerve block. The surgery takes under 2 hours to perform most times. The the patient is non-weightbearing for a minimum of 6 weeks. With these procedures, usually, no metal is implanted in the child’s foot, depending on the type of surgery the patient requires.

Adult-onset flat foot is usually seen when arthritis sets into the talar navicular joint, talar calcaneal joint, Calcaneal cuboid joint, and midfoot joints. The amount of arthritis is assessed to see what joints can be Salvaged and not fused and performed joint salvage osteotomies. Sometimes, a combination of required procedures depends on the the maximum area of pain. Subtalar joint fusions and talonavicular fusions are typically used to correct the foot’s position with or without a bone graft. Again this is patient-specific. The screws and staples are usually used to hold the foot in place for appropriate arthrodesis. This is also on outpatient procedure with general anesthesia and popliteal/ saphenous nerve block

With over 12 years of performing these surgeries, we have experience assessing what surgery is best for you. If surgery is not recommended Or high risk, we will provide conservative therapy.

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Our doctor, specialize in Trauma/Injury/Fractures, Diabetic Foot Care, Foot and Ankle Medicine and Surgery, Pediatric Foot Care, Wound Care,, Arthritic Foot & Ankle, Custom Orthotics, Geriatric Foot Care, Ingrown Nails, Fall Prevention, Hammertoes, Sports Medicine, Bunions, Fungal Nails, Foot & Ankle Pain, and Flatfoot.

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Dr. Martins has been trained in both Canada and the United States, mastering the art of foot and ankle surgery.

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Podiatry services are covered by most insurance plans. We understand the process of submitting your claim and have the expertise to ensure rapid submission of your claim. For most patients, the experience of having their medical treatments paid for by the insurance company is an effortless and smooth process.

We also take Visa, Mastercard, Debit, Discover, Check and Cash. All Service and Products HSA or Flex spending accounts can be used. Receipt will be provided. We do not accept Medicaid as a secondary to PPO/ HMO or any combined medicare plans.

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Foot And Ankle Treatments In Michigan

For our patient’s convenience, we offer our service for Ankle fusion in Adrian, MI, Ankle fusion in Ann Arbor, MI, and Ankle fusion in Jackson, MI locations. We have our own digital x-ray, MRI, Cat-scan, and ultrasound equipment at many of our podiatry clinics. Our on-site podiatric physical therapy clinics allow for constant communication between the physicians and physical therapists, ensuring the most effective therapy and successful recovery for our patients.

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