February 20, 2022

Foot Laceration and Repair

Trauma to the foot ankle can be devastating. This is a case of man against machine, where an industrial equipment caused a full thickness laceration. On examination vital structures including the main blood vessel was exposed but not damaged. Unfortunately the tendons that move the foot up and down, the tendon that moves the toe up and down and one of the superficial nerves were completely lacerated. Patient was unable to move foot at the ankle joint and there was numbness on the top of the foot. Patient was then taken to the Operating room urgently after medical stabilization and the tendons, nerves were repaired primarily restoring motor function. Numbness resolved over the next few months.

Hospitals will typically refer you to their own doctors on call. As the patient you are able to pick who you want to fix your foot and ankle. Call us and we will be able to see you within 48 hours without a referral.