February 20, 2022

Hammertoe Surgery

Hammer toes are a very common occurrence. Here is a case of a young female with chronic pain in her 3rd digit due to a hammer toe deformity which was causing irritation with shoe gear. Pain can be due to chronic pressure with the toe rubbing against the inside of the shoes causing callus build up. Once shoe gear modification fails, surgery is performed. Patients go home the same day after surgery and can fully bear weight while using a surgical shoe/boot. Sutures are removed at week 2 and most patients return to work almost immediately.

There are many types of hammertoe correction and we office both office and OR surgery options. Depending on the extent of deformity and health of the patient will indicate where the surgery can take place. Office base procedures are much more cost effective and we like to offer them to patient with high deductibles. If you are suffering from painful hammertoes call us we can help.