April 13, 2022
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Heater vs neuropathic foot

66-year-old male diabetic, neuropathic is seen in the office regarding the ulcerations and infections of his left foot.  Patient 2 weeks ago left his foot close to a space heater and has slowly developed these 2 ulcerations.

Patient has diabetic neuropathy and did not have any pain or currently does not have any pain.  Treatment was started this same day with daily wound care directed by Dr. Martins.  Self-directed home care was done by the patient.  Antibiotics prescribed.  Ulcerations were deep to the level of the tendon and bone however x-rays were taken and luckily no infected bone was present. Patient had an elevated A1c at 10 which made it a lot more difficult to heal effectively.  Patient is also prescribed wound care supplies and also a postop shoe in the office.

Over the past 3 months very frequently to progressively heal the ulceration as you can see below.

Our office treatment protocol is cost effective, efficient, does not require admission to the hospital in most cases, do not require expensive and multiple treatments in a wound care center and does not require amputation. Patient during the course of the treatment

Was compliant with his care and together we help manage a high risk foot from amputation.