Keeping your feet in shape: Importance of alternating shoes, having the right size and fit of shoes, and more!

Our feet are extremely important in most of our lives, they are what get us around every single day. Many forget to take steps to take care of their feet and keep them healthy. There are multiple everyday ways to help prevent injuries to your feet. Go to a podiatrist jackson michigan to get advice and help in relieving any pain or issues if you have foot complications.

Alternating shoes

It is important to alternate shoes and avoid wearing most shoes every day. Alternating shoes allows your shoe’s cushioning to go back to its original shape after they flatten out when you wear them. This helps them have the best support for your feet longer. Switching your shoes also benefits in avoiding foot odor. Your shoes need time to breathe after multiple long days of wearing them. If your shoes are beginning to get worn out, make sure to replace them whenever you see fit or as often as possible. This is where alternating often can help because wearing different shoes can slow the time f them getting old and worn down.

Wearing the right size and fit

Wearing the right size of shoes is extremely important to our foot health. We must continue to resize our feet especially when young and older. Wearing the wrong size can not only affect your feet, but can affect your back, or knees. They can cause a strain on your knees and your back which then affects your hips and posture. Get your feet fitted correctly to improve your poster. When you get them fitted, you will find out what length and width of shoes will fit you the best for ultimate comfort and support. 

If you have kids, make sure to get their feet measured often because they usually grow out of their shoes quickly. If they continue to wear tight shoes it can cause foot development issues. Kids are constantly being active and running around so they are more likely to injure themselves. 

Your everyday shoes must be supportive enough for your feet to relieve any stress on your feet and knees. Shoes with shock absorption properties help prevent foot, back, and knee injuries or pain. These especially help for running to avoid stress to the feet.

Having the right size and fit can help with foot conditions like Charcot foot, bunions, and corns. The stress or pain caused by these conditions can be alleviated with the right shoes. These foot conditions are described as:

  • Charcot foot is a disease that attacks the soft tissues in the feet, and it mostly affects people with diabetes. 
  • Bunions are boney bumps that develop on the side of your big toe. They are caused by your bones moving out of place and causing the joint in your big toe to stick out. 
  • Corns are like calluses and are formed to protect from recurring friction so can be avoided with better-fitting shoes. 

For these, it is super beneficial to alter your shoes to make sure it is not worsened by the shoes.

Wearing the right shoes

There are many situations where you shouldn’t be wearing your regular everyday shoes. 

  • Hiking: When hiking, you need extra comfortable shoes that also have a good grip if you are going to be on slippery ground. 
  • Beach: There are water shoes that help you have a better grip and protect your feet from stepping on rocks or being injured by sea animals.
  • Labs: If you are ever in a science lab, you must make sure you have closed-toed shoes, and they should be durable to protect your feet from potentially toxic or harmful spills.
  • Special occasions: This is not a super must, but it is good to have a pair of comfortable shoes that are worn on special occasions to fit a formal setting. They will also be less likely to be ruined or messed up from wearing them too often. 
  • Running: Running shoes are essential for many workouts to have extra supportive shoes.

Wearing the right socks

It is also important to have the right type of socks to absorb the sweat from your feet. This will prevent having strong odors. The socks that work the best in absorbing sweat are socks made of:

  • Nylon
  • Merino wool
  • Polyester
  • Plus any other synthetic-material socks

Some places you can find these types of socks are Amazon, REI, DICK’s sporting goods, and Big 5 sporting goods.


You can stretch your feet and ankles as often as possible, especially after a long day of walking or standing. Doing stretches can help your muscles, and increase your feet’ range of motion. Here are a few stretches you can try:

  • Lay your feet flat on the ground while sitting and raise your heels and hold for a couple of seconds.
  • Similar to the first one, raise your toes for a couple of seconds and keep your heels on the floor.
  • Stretch your big toe gently with your hands.
  • Wiggle your toes to get a slight stretch.
  • Curl your toes for a slight stretch.
  • If your feet ache from a long day, massage your feet for relief. 

Other than all of these tips, should remember to rest your feet if you have been standing or walking for multiple hours. You should be careful when doing activities like hiking by being cautious where you step. You should also make sure to give your feet appropriate care when getting injured, the same care you would for any other injury. 

I hope these tips help and remind or taught you ways to take care of your feet. Many of us forget to check how we are treating our feet and they are a huge part of our lives. We are fortunate enough to have them go through life and adventures with them so we should take steps to ensure their health. For serious cases, check out podiatrist jackson michigan and talk to them about your concerns.