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Epic User

We are a Community Connect practice with Henry Ford, Promedica and Trinity. Our private practice is in the loop with an integrated portal that let us stay up-to-date with your patients, submit referrals, order labs & imaging, close care gaps, schedule visits, and more. We are able to reduce the cost of care and NOT repeat unnecessary testing

Haiku/ Halo Communication

Our doctors are available in real time with HIPAA approved integrated communication with the patient’s chart through Haiku and Halo. Search for one of our doctors on either system to ask a question, discuss a patient, request an urgent consult or visit. We are here to help

Jackson Health Network

A Clinically Integrated Network- A legal entity that allows hospitals and physicians to work together to improve patient experience, produce quality outcomes, reduce overall cost of care, and enhance work-life balance for its providers. Able to engage in joint contracting that aligns payment methods with new care delivery models.

The Patient-Centered Medical Home – Neighbor Program

Together we partner with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan program to transform the health care system into a model of efficient, cost-effective care that’s centered on the patient. Ensure effective communication, coordination and integration with PCMH practices Ensure efficient flow of information, including timely consultations and referrals. Effectively guide the determination of responsibility in comanagement situations Support enhanced access and patient-centered, high-quality care In collaboration with the PGIP physician organizations, we’re encouraging specialists to adopt practices and capabilities that support the PCMH-N approach.

Same Day/ Urgent Referral Available

As a partner in the community and all health systems we strive on reducing cost of care, preventing amputation in diabetics, cost effective wound care and easy access to our community PCP, ER doctors, residents to improve patient health and satisfaction scores.

Monthly Foot and Ankle News

We understand medicine is changing daily and recognize the limited time our community doctors have to keep-up-to-date with the foot and ankle. We offer a monthly youtube video recap on what’s new. Offer practical research that we can offer referring doctors and their patients foot and ankle conditions.

Patient Testimonials

Same Day Appointment Available. Contact us now to book your appointment.

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