Transparent, No Hassel Packages

We understand the high cost of Insurance and the reasons patients choose not to get insurance. That is why we have No Insurance packages that we see within 48 hrs in any of our 3 locations. 
Why can we do this? Our staff does not have to spend time verifying the insurance, assessing the deductible, co-pay, and authorizations, and spending time on the phone to get all this information. Prices are CASH prices and will have a 3.5% credit card fee if any card is used for payment.

Our method is simple

1- Complete our HIPAA intake form

2- We call to schedule your visit

3- You are seen within 48 hrs

4- Credit cards will have a 3.5% fee

With many insurances having high deductibles and others choosing not to have insurance due to cost, we have created commonly seen foot and ankle packages with transparent, no hassle prices.

Ingrown Procedure
Ingrown Nail Package $500

Ingrown nails are painful and frequently get infected conditions. We offer a realtively painless treatment or remove ingrowns for good. Short office based procedure that takes less the 15 minutes to resolve this condition.

Package includes: Consultation, Office base procedure, and 2 virtual follow ups.

Consultation with X-rays $200

There are many conditions of the foot and ankle that can occur. Dr Martins has over 13 years’ of experience in all aspects of the lower leg. Have a 30 minute consultation discussing your condition and formulate a treatment plan depending on your diagnosis.

Package includes: Consultation and 1 set of x-rays ( 3 views of the foot or ankle )

Medical Pedicure
Virtual Consultation $125

It doesn’t matter what your foot and ankle condition is, Dr Martins can assess your condition and offer treatment options specfic for you. We utilize MyChart in the office and can review most medical records around the community, which include images taken at other hospital systems.

Package includes: 30 minutes consultation on MyChart

Injection Therapy
In-office or Virtual Surgery Consultation $250

Surgery is a major decision no matter what type of surgery you are faced with. We understand that patients have many unanswered questions about foot and ankle surgery. Doctors are increasingly spending less time with patients, and many times, patients are frequently seen by physicial assistants or nurse practioners. So patients are stuck searching Google for those answers. Dr Martins understands these concerns and offers a complete review of your case, gives you questions to ask your surgeon, reviews your proposed surgery and provides his experience with what to expect from the surgey.

Package includes: Consultation, review of medical records, including labs, x-rays, MRI, CT, NCT, EMG, etc. and recommendations.

Crack Heels
Cracked heels (Skin Fissures) $199

Cracked heels are ugly, painful and a source of potential infection. We offer direct treatment with proven techniques and products to correct this condition and create a treatment plan for short- and long-term success.

Package includes: Consultation, treatment and topical products needed

Fungal Nails ( Hand's & Feet )
Fungal Nails (Hand & Feet) $249

Fungal nails both of the hand and feet can be embarrassing and contagious. There are several treatments available that can address this condition and we offer and educate the patient on risk, benefitsand proven techniques to address this condition.

Package includes: Consultation, treatment and products for home use

Athletes Feet ( Tinea Pedis )
Athletes Feet (Tinea Pedis) $299

Fungal infections of the skin is common and difficult to treat due to the vast organisms causing the infections. We discuss why you have this condition, how to treat it, prevent it and the risk of spreading it to others.

Package includes: Consultation, treatment and products for home use

Foot Odor
Foot Odor $299

Foot odor is common and preventable. OTC treatments commonly fail, as they do notaddress the condition and cause, with most just masking the condition. We treat why it’s occuring and resolve these issues with different medical grade strategies.

Package includes: Consultation, treatment and products for home use

Medical Pedicure
Medical Pedicure $80
Duration: 45 minutes

Medical Pedicure are customized for your needs using medical grade instruments. This dry pedicure is preformed by a RN experienced in nail care: includes shaping, filing and buffing of the nails along with callus maintenance and a moisturizing treatment.

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