February 20, 2022

Plantar Fibroma Surgery

Plantar fibromas are benign tumors of the foot which present as painful masses and lumps. These lumps originate from and within the plantar fascia due to increased fibroblast activity. Initially the treatment is conservative and includes steroid injections, verapamil topical gel application, custom offloading orthotics and shoe gear modification. Surgery is often the last resort. In some instances, the mass can be resected without resecting the plantar fascia but with large and chronic masses the plantar fascia is often also resected. Though recurrences can occur, they are fairly uncommon. Here is a case of a large fibroma resected from the foot which healed uneventfully. Patient remained non weight bearing for the first 3 weeks until the sutures were removed and returned to full activity in 4 weeks.

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