December 29, 2021
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Skin Ulceration Treatments

Ulcers are open sores of the skin resulting from loss of the outer layers of the skin. This can result from common injuries resulting in skin breakage. More commonly in the patient population (diabetics) that we see this happens from pressure due to ill-fitting shoes, pressure from the bed or recliners, calluses and corns that are deep and pre ulcerative in nature. The common denominator in all these causes is underlying neuropathy which prevents the patients from seeking care early on. 

Neuropathic patients will not have pain from a callus on the bottom of their feet and continue to ambulate on it. In a non neuropathic patient the pain is severe enough that they will seek care right away. This lack of pain sensation results in continued abuse of the skin and its layers from the pressure which eventually causes the breakage of skin and damage to the deeper layers of skin resulting in full thickness wounds and ulcers with exposed tendon, muscle and bone. If this is not addressed properly this can result in bone infection, osteomyelitis and often result in amputations which can be devastating. 

Treatment is multi-faceted. There are five main factors required to heal such wounds. Elimination of pressure causing the wound, infection control, patent blood flow and strict control of blood sugars and proper wound care.  If any of these are missing, complications arise and wound healing takes a long time. 

If you suffer from diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, neuropathy or have an ulcer you should consider getting evaluated by one of our expert doctors.