Toe fractures

Toe fractures are a common issue no matter what time of the year. From stubbing against a bed or door, kicking a ball or dog stepping on the foot there are many ways one can injury the toes. The misconception that you do not need to do anything for a broken toe is incorrect. There is been many fractures the have been seen several weeks later that if stabilize could of been treated conservatively.  Most fractures are either transverse or oblique which can be unstable which will run the risk of chronic pain, swelling, deformity.

Above is an example of a fracture of a dog stepping on the toe which created a transverse fracture that is slightly elevated.  Consistent walking on this fracture without structure support will allow this toe to elevate room in her shoes and required preventable corrective surgery.

When a potential toe fracture develops there are certain steps the need to be obtained to prevent the risk of displacement

1- ice the area

2- buddy tape the adjacent toe together- use of Coban is preferred

3- wear a stable firm soled shoe to reduce joint motion

4- schedule an appointment with us for an x-ray

Wait, watching and seeing is an option however if the fracture is unstable and not splinted appropriately a malunion can developed.

Darryl Martins DPM