February 14, 2022
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Ultra Mist Treatment

74-year-old female smoker with new onset of chronic ulcerations of her bunion and her 2nd toe. The patient has a history of peripheral arterial disease patient was seen and treated with ultra mist therapy twice a week for 4 weeks and also wound care daily dressing by the patient with collagen care we dispensed in the office.  Over the next 2 months, the patient’s wounds healed effectively with no deep bone infection or need for hospitalization for IV antibiotics Ultra mist treatments were 7, and wound debridement treatment was 5 by a doctor.

If you are dealing with nonhealing chronic ulceration being treated by your doctor, Wound Care, home care, self-care, or just want a 2nd opinion on your ulceration please call us at 517-879-4241 or e-mail us to schedule an appointment.