February 17, 2022
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Weil Osteotomies Surgery

Metatarsal osteotomies of the lesser toes ( Weil osteotomy) are common for foot and ankle surgeons. There is very little room for error with these types of procedures. These procedures are often performed in isolation due to conditions like metatarsalgia or hammertoes and sometimes with bunionectomies. However, if not done up correctly can cause significant pain and deformity. I will discuss a recent 2nd opinion regarding a Weil osteotomy that has caused debilitating pain.

As you can see with the preop examination patient has a minor elongation of the 2nd metatarsal with no hammertoe. However, the postop x-rays show a significant shortening of the metatarsal bone with two screws present and new onset of hammertoes on the lateral view. The hammertoe is a prevalent complication seen when the bone is over-shortened.

At this time, the patient will have to get an MRI to assess the integrity of the joint there are some erosive changes on the lateral 2nd metatarsal cartilage and evaluate if the screws are loosening. The patient is having pain on the top of the foot, and typically when the surgeon has over shortening, there is radiate 3rd metatarsal pain seen in the future.

If you have had a shortening of the metatarsal and developing residual pain, please call us in Jackson, MI, Adrian, MI, or Ann Arbor, MI, to have a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon with over a decade of experience talk about your condition and discuss what is the best option for you at this time.