January 19, 2022
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What are custom foot orthotics?

Orthotics are inserts that are placed inside your shoes to help correct mild to moderate biomechanical foot deformities such as flat feet, high arch feet and to reduce pain. Many over-the-counter options are available that work decently in some patients. I recommend Powerstep inserts quite frequently when patients can not afford custom orthotics or due to insurance coverage issues. 

Over-the-counter orthotics are readily available but the biggest drawback is that they are not Custom. You can get reading glasses from your local drug store to get by but they will never replace prescription glasses. The same analogy applies to custom orthotics. 

Custom orthotics are made as the name implies, custom. A scan of your feet is taken which is then uploaded in a coded software which is then sent to the manufacturer and inserts are made specifically to the patient’s foot type. Often these are made with 3-D printers for more accuracy. Materials used to make custom orthotics also differ from OTC inserts and the custom inserts last for a much longer time. I will often indicate on the patient’s foot scan where the painful area is so that it can be offloaded or padded. Many adjustments can be made based on the patient’s specific requirements. 

Mild to moderate biomechanical deformities can also be addressed with custom inserts. Most commonly we prescribe custom inserts for patients with mild to moderate, non-rigid flat feet. The inserts are designed such that it brings the patient’s arch to a more neutral level, reducing the pain and stresses across joints and tendons. Another common e.g, is Plantar Fasciitis, a painful condition of the heel with an underlying biomechanical abnormality.  

If you are experiencing foot pain or have a foot deformity, it is recommended that you talk to one of our expert doctors. The ultimate goal is to have you put your best foot forward.