February 20, 2022

Jones Fracture Repair

Fractures of the 5th metatarsal are fairly common, specially in patients who have a foot deformity and active individuals. Most 5th metatarsal fractures heal on their own with protected weight bearing in surgical boot but there are some types that need surgical intervention. These type are dislocated fracture and a “Jones” type. This fracture occurs in a zone of relative avascularity when compared to the rest of the bone and conservative treatment does not often heal the fracture. Here is a case of Jones fracture that was treated surgically. Surgery shortens recovery time in such cases and reduces the risk of nonunion of the fracture which can be challenging to treat. Patients are allowed to weight bear partially in boot right away and by week 2 can be fully weight bearing in surgical boot.

Pre & Post Xrays

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