November 9, 2021
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Why should you not walk barefoot if you have diabetes?

Diabetes is a well known chronic condition that millions of people suffer from. One of the major complications of diabetes, specially uncontrolled diabetes is Peripheral Neuropathy in which patients do not have adequate sensation in their feet. This can lead to diabetic wounds, ulcers and infections that can lead to amputations. Death can also occur in severe infections associated with such wounds. 

This is a case of a 14 year old Type 1 diabetic who stepped on broken glass resulting in abscess and blister formation. Luckily, his sugars are now being well controlled and I was able to find these tiny pieces of glass when he saw me in the clinic. Being a young kid, I am confident that his wounds will heal quickly since at this age he likely does not have compromised blood flow. 

The longer you have diabetes, the longer it stays poorly controlled, the neuropathy worsens and so does your blood flow making these wounds easier to form and harder to heal. 

Lesson we can all learn here? 

1- Have adequate control of blood glucose 

2- No barefoot walking with daily foot checks 

3- Lastly, seeing an expert in a timely manner