February 11, 2022
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Wound Care Case Study

A 76-year-old diabetic neuropathic male is seen with a blister formation on the side of the foot from moving boxes.

The patient was treated in the office for wound care debridement, supplies, Offloading the ulceration.  However, due to the neuropathy and also the patient’s Charcot deformity, there was more pressure developing on the wound which allowed a tunnel to develop.

The patient was further treated with antibiotics and daily dressing changes.  However, the wound kept on going deeper and an MRI was taken showing a bone infection.

At that time surgery was performed to remove the section of the bone that was infected with a tendon transfer.  Over the period of 4 weeks, non-weight bearing with the use of a knee scooter Ulceration was closed and the patient was able to return to an activity normally without a defect of his walking or balance.  The patient surprisingly did develop some phantom pain which was treated with oral medication. Ulcerations must be treated quickly, effectively to reduce the risk of leg loss.